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Committed To Service Excellence
Welcome to Al-Yamama

Al-Yamama consists of a group of dedicated medical professionals.
We build our business around the supply, service and support of
medical, surgical, and laboratory needs. Our target customers are
medical practitioners, scientists, academic institutions, hospitals,
and medical facilities around the Middle East.

We strive to provide top quality services to gain complete customer
What's New?

We moved to a new and strategic location.
Al-Yamama  has relocated to a new location in Amman City. In addition to
providing bigger space, the new office will be closer to the prestigious
Al-Khaldi Medical District near the 4th Circle, and will include state-of-the-art
facilities, wireless high-speed internet access, and other office needs to
facilitate performing business in a 21st century style.
Our Mission

To achieve our financial goals and provide
health care institutions and medical facilities in
countries of the Middle East with adequate
technology transfer and access to quality health
care products and services, through
uninterrupted supply of quality products,
training, and technical support.